1. Friday Night, Date Night

    Ended things with my SD a few days ago …heading to a date with a pot, an Engineer. Wish me luck


  2. Sd finally gave me my allowance… late… And not even the full amount :(
    I think we’re done


  3. Can’t afford allowance?

    My SD just text me that he can’t afford to pay my allowance anymore but offered to pay me less. I want to look for a new sd but im not certain how to go about it.

    Should I collect my allowance for the month and stop seeing him or keep seeing him after until the next ? Etc.

    ive saved enough to where I dont need an allowance this month but id like to use it towards tuition and bills.


  4. Break from Sugaring?

    My boss is sick of his wife and instead of just helping with the rent, wants to move in with me. I’m really falling for my boss and would love to get a place together. Only thing is, I don’t think I could sugar anymore… We work together, he writes my schedule so we’d always be together. Plus the more I see him the less I want to see my sd.

    Any tips?


  5. date a boy who reads. or better yet date a 37 year old recent divorcee with a highly diversified stock portfolio who’s looking to feel young again and can treat you to what you deserve

    (via grandenosugar)

  6. Advice on ending things with my Sd?

    I’m conflicted with whether to end things with my SD. I like him, he’s fun and we get along so well. He’s helped me a lot with school and financially.

    The problem is his and my schedule aren’t exactly working. He tends to stay up till 2 or 3 am daily, which means I’ve got to be up 2-3 hrs later to make it to school.

    On top of that, I’m already in a major where all-nighters are the norm.
    So to sum it up, I’m exhausted.

    Any advice?


  7. Valentine

    My boss came up to and said “Oh, would you look at that, we’re both working on Valentines. We should go to dinner after work.”

    He’s so cute. He’s begun scheduling me to work exactly when he works.

  8. My Allowance- A stack of hundreds in an envelope :)


  9. Boss

    So he never got me my purse :( but last night we were cuddling in bed and he randomly brought up me getting my own apartment(currently I share with 2 others) and him paying half the rent. :D

    Not bad for not having an arrangement with him. Let’s hope he comes through this time.